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Saturday 8th June

Another early start to the day. We went slightly off Route to go to see a covered bridge sugar creek covered bridge. Built by Thomas Black in 1827 closed to traffic in 1984 one of only 5 historic covered bridges in Illinois and is The oldest of all the remaining bridges.

We move on for breakfast a 20 mile ride into Divernon. A truck stop on the frontage road Interstate 55, the frontage road was Route 66 and we followed that pretty much the rest of the day off and on in between swapping onto country roads, crisscrossing railway tracks.

When nature calls sometimes you just gotta go, interesting graffiti

Cooler temperatures today with the odd tailwind made it a good easy cycle ride it also helps that it’s flat, you can see for miles across corn fields. 57 miles today taking our total over 1500 miles into the trip.

Our resting place today is a campsite just passed Litchfield. We stopped for our tea in a old 50s diner Ariston cafe supposedly operated since 1924 the longest operating restaurant along the entire stretch of Route 66. Despite alterations the building still maintains its historic character.

Tent up, showered and over 1500 miles completed it’s a Saturday night so treated ourselves to a little tipple. All along the road since Boston we have been seeing fireball miniature bottles, why not give it a try for ourselves.