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Wednesday 26th June

We managed to get to sleep fairly early, even though the RV site was noisy until quite late. And a random small child peaking in to our tent after dark scaring the life out of us.

At 5am the noise started again with people running engines, driving fast next to the tent on a gravel road and walking dogs around where we were camped. It was still dark but we decided to get up and go anyway.

We cycled through Chandler at 6:00 am it looked a nice place to visit, but nothing was open. We stopped to look at a old cottage style gas station believed to be 1930.

The landscape is dryer and the soil has changed to a red colour now. The long grasses and meadow flowers are now being replaced with brown straw like grass and cactus is becoming more common. It definitely has the Wild West feel about the place.

Not much between Chandler and Arcadia a couple of small towns Warwick, Wellston, and Luther. We cycled passed them all, no reason to stop.

A old derelict petrol station just outside Arcadia, made famous as it was used as a front for a counterfeit business printing fake $10 bills. After it was discovered the building was left to rack and ruin. Later and not related a murder victims body was discovered there,they were never identified.

The old round barn 1889. In Arcadia built by local farmer William Odor using local bur oak boards. Following the arrival of the interstate it was left to ruins and in 1988 the 60ft diameter roof collapsed. It’s restoration was completed in 1992 by a team of volunteers lead by Luther Robison. It’s America’s only truly round barn.

Just passed the round barn is Pops you can’t miss it. It has a 66ft tall pop bottle outside, it sells over 700 different types of soda.

We are staying in Edmond the night in a motel, conveniently located so we can cycle through Oklahoma City tomorrow. 43 miles done today.