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Wednesday 5th June

A story off 100’s. It’s 100 degrees and 100 kilometres. Ok I’ve been using miles 60 miles done in the heat and I was suffering. Yesterday was a day off so we did all our washing, in my wisdom the clean top I put on was black. So here I am in the middle of the day with no tree coverage cooking. Mad dogs and English men!

Mike was getting frustrated with me to the point that after 30 miles he was ready to call it a day. I am stubborn and tough I stupidly said that I wanted to carry on. We had a warm showers host for tonight and a promise of a home cooked vegetarian meal that was spurring me on.

A quick McDonald’s break for a cold drink and change of top we set off. Lovely old towns empty roads just hot! We were following old Route 66 must of it was now a cycle path sandwiched between a rail track and a interstate. It’s really cool that cyclists can use Route 66 but cars can’t, loving it

Lunch stop was in Pontiac a lovely town with lots of wall art. And miniature cars

We ended up at our hosts house 7:30pm hot and tired. We had some difficulty finding their home following the gps but we made it.

We were greeted with warm smiles and made to feel at home instantly. Showered and our clothes off our back in the wash. We sit down for a tasty meal, beer and for me a lovely cup of tea. Unfortunately the heat had got to me and I wasn’t feeling to great so after dinner I had a early night. They were both understanding lovely people.