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Thursday 4th July

America is celebrating Independence Day. Independent from us the British time to tell everyone that we’re from Australia, they get our accents mixed up anyway.

We left our campsite by the cross nice and early a good photo opportunity in the sunrise.

The 1st stop today is slug bug ranch. Created in 2002 five wrecked vw beetles buried hood down into the ground by the crutchfield family to attract customers to their gas station when a huge corporate travel plaza was built close by. Unfortunately it didn’t work and they closed down a year later. It’s now left to deteriorate. A sad site.

So destination Amarillo for tonight. There is literally nothing in between 30 miles of following a frontage road on interstate 40.

In someone’s front yard they also had two revolver b b q’s that they made for sale.

Funny enough this wasn’t far away from it.

We made it nice and early 12:30pm so a nice afternoon to relax. We are in the busiest site yet cramped on to a small tent site but I guess it’s a four day weekend here starting today hopefully we will see fireworks etc tonight.

Texas energy drinks. We needed these today, well maybe not just thought we would try them.

Saturday 15th June

Rudely awakened at 5am by a massive thunder clap. Looking out of our tent into a black sky we decided to pack everything away and put the tent down before the rain came. A mad scramble but we did it and took shelter in the toilet block until the storm passed.

Finally at 8am the rain stopped and we got going. Breakfast today was in a truck stop in hazelgreen. We got speaking to a lovely elderly gentleman. He told us about his life, Olympic athlete, Hollywood star and a published poet. Such an interesting man and when we went to pay our bill we were told that he’d already paid. We didn’t have the chance to thank him because he’d left with out telling us. Bless him.

Another hot hilly day, but the climbs aren’t as bad as they were just lots of them.

We passed the Munger moss motel in Lebanon built in 1946 it had the 1st swimming pool in town. It’s still trading now with themed rooms but the pool is long gone.

This weekend Lebanon has a Route 66 show on with a car show,live bands and stalls. We sat and watched the cars go by for a bit. When the bandit and Buford T Justice pulled up next to us.

We did 50 miles in the heat up and down the hills but the nearest campsite is still just over 10 miles away. We’ve had enough so booked into the only motel around budget inn Conway. The clues in the name but more storms are forecast for tonight. We should stay dry.