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Sunday 1st September

Wow it’s September time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s the 1st day off spring and it’s starting to bloom. Early spring flowers are out and trees are blossoming. Gorgeous.

Today we visited oamaru it claims to be the steampunk capital of the world. Steampunk is all about retro-futurism, fantasy, and how the victorians might imagined the future. And indeed people were dressed up in Victorian clothes and it had quirky little shops in its Victorian precinct.

It also has a blue penguin colony living in its harbour. Blue penguins are the worlds smallest penguin only 30cm tall and weigh 1kg they can live up to 10 years. Again we weren’t lucky enough to see them. We will keep looking.

Continuing south we stopped to take in the geological phenomenon of the huge,spherical Moeraki boulders on koekohe beach. Really fascinating.

A little souvenir shop on the beach was full of all the normal tourist tat but the lady working there was lovely, we spent ages talking to her and she told us of a great spot on the beach where we could camp the night and hopefully see the dolphins.

She was right, it was a great spot and we watched but like the penguins no luck.

Another night star watching the skies are amazing.