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Friday 28th June

We both slept well, feeling refreshed we checked out at 7am. Problem the young lad at the desk when we handed back the key said that we hadn’t paid. We had the evening before by debit card. He checked his card machine and claimed no such transaction had taken place. Thank goodness for my bank app I showed him my phone clearly showing the transaction, confusing him but he backed down and said he would call us if there was still a problem. I wasn’t going to pay twice.

Stand off over we are free to leave. We’re headed to El Reno old town 14 miles up the road. To a cafe called Johnnies for breakfast. It was recommended by Fenton and Linda yesterday evening over dinner.

Breakfast was good and the service was friendly good recommendation thank you.

We are going to a KOA campsite only 30 miles away. But there’s not a lot in between.

Just open roads and heat why not chuck some hills and wind into the mix. We’re strong, we can take it.

We make camp just before noon. It’s a really hot day I certainly don’t want to be cycling in the afternoon. Tent up time to explore.

We are next to a Cherokee trading post and restaurant. So we have a swim, relax a bit before heading to the restaurant for a early tea.

Buffalo steak anyone?