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Wednesday 9th October

Leaving Batemans Bay following the coast we finally can have a break of off the princess highway and join tourist route 7.

It’s still tough going constantly climbing/descending repeat It’s physically demanding but more than that it’s mentally draining. The little voices in my head filling me up with self doubt. Can I actually do this. It’s going to be tough. Trying to stay positive I take in the scenery and remind myself how lucky I am.

We are staying at a campsite in moruya tonight it’s quarry provided stone for many of Sydney’s landmarks including the pylons for Sydney’s harbour bridge.

Mike suffered two punctures and a broken drink bottle holder today. There is a lot of debris on the road after yesterday’s storm add in to the mix broken glass, bits of plastic from cars, fast food wrappers, litter and road kill it’s no wonder. To say the least our mood isn’t that brilliant today. Time to put it behind us tomorrow is a new day.