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Sunday 30th June

Woke up early after interrupted sleep. We had to move our tent in the middle of the night, due to some late arrivals. who thought it was perfectly expectable to sit next to our tent talking loudly (in a foreign language so I couldn’t even be friendly and join in) and smoking.

We settled on a snack breakfast in the local petrol station to save time. We needed to get going before the heat. Nothing much in between breakfast and lunch we eat in a petrol station in Canute.

Onwards to elk City home of national Route 66 museum for a photo opportunity.

Whist there we met a couple of Mexican guys cycling the route in the other direction. They were cycling Bromptons and literally just wearing pants. A couple of characters.

Last destination of the day Sayre. We were going to stay in the county park site. It has a campsite with toilets and showers all for $12. We pulled up after a long hot day, over 50 miles. Just to find that some disgusting pigs had trashed the toilet block, leaving mess and human waste every where. We couldn’t stay there totally unfit, reluctantly we cycled back on our selfs and checked into a motel in town.