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Tuesday 11th June

After yesterday discovering how hilly Missouri is we decided not to try to do to many miles in a day. We wanted to visit Meramec Caverns these were only 38 miles from our campsite and there was a campsite at the caverns. Easy decision we would head there.

Feeling more refreshed and well fed, breakfast at st Clair in a family diner back on omelettes. We tackled the hills. Now that we’re out of the city they seem easier and it’s a nice change from the dead flat cornfields of Illinois.

On Route we pass through many closedown businesses and motels all casualties of the interstate by passing towns. I’m sure we will be seeing entire ghost towns soon.

The wild life has changed also we’re now seeing Armadillo unfortunately not a live one yet. And a tortoise casually walked in front of us.

After a few climbs and awesome long downhills (who needs a roller coaster) we arrived at the caverns. Apparently it was used by Jessie James as a hide out. We did the cave tour and like everything touristy it was expensive but I have to say that they are very impressive and I’m glad that we did it.

The campsite is right there next to the caverns so after the tour tent up, shower and back to the caverns for food in their restaurant no more cycling for me today.