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Wednesday 14th August

We have gone north as far as we want to on this road trip. So today we started to head south. We followed the highway up so now we’re going to move inland south. What’s the point of revisiting places when there is so much more to see. But 1st a walk along a route recommended by Tracy.

We drove around 200 miles and found a campsite in a town called taroon beside a river, so tent up we followed the river walk into town to buy some supplies for dinner.

Along the way we chatted to some elderly ladies walking dogs who fell in love with mike and offered him somewhere to stay, I guess I’ll just get dinner for one then!

Back to the camp kitchen we had our meal. That’s another thing Australia does better than America every campsite has a outside kitchen with fridge, kettle, sink and b b q some even have microwaves and stoves. Every campsite so far has been clean and all have been around £10 a night. Shame it gets dark at 6 and the mozzys are around. So early night with my kindle.