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Friday 21st June

We left the cheapest campsite site yet. Only $10. It was a small pitch behind a motel. With 1 shower and toilet good job no one else was there. Well until at 10pm when another cycle touring couple arrived. Erin and Jono riding Route 66 to raise money for a mental health charity.

Breakfast in the local diner also the cheapest yet let’s hope that this continues. We have 35 miles to do today, but it’s hot and the wind is against us.

Not many sites on Route today. We visit the Pryor Creek Bridge. 123ft steel truss bridge in use 1926-1932 only open for cyclists and pedestrians.

We also took time out to walk under Route 66 using a restored pedestrian underpass. This has postcard like images painted by artist Kenneth Hollingshead depicting the towns history.

Were staying in a motel in claremore. I think today was the hottest yet and there’s no campsite nearby. It’s very rural so could have put a tent up in a field but definitely needed a shower!