Month: August 2019

Wednesday 21st August

The campsite was great with a lovely inside tv sitting area and open fire last night. We made full use of it as it was a cold evening. After a very cold nights sleep, We’ve even brought warm pjs and bed socks we packed up and headed north again.

We’ve been along the coast and been along the outback so now we’re headed for the mountains.

The first stop as we got closer to the mountain was a lookout point. It was spectacular views all around unfortunately a phone camera can’t do it justice

We stopped for our mid morning cup of tea (god when did I get old) in small town uralla the buildings our all deco very smart. And lunch was in Guyra more 1900 in style. Mike rather fancies staying in one of the Innes that has the fretwork verandas all around.

Final destination for the night Glen Innes. It’s cold and windy and the only campsite we can find with toilets and showers state in there description clothes optional! I didn’t want to stay there.

The town is pretty and has two of the inns that mike likes so we opted to stay in the cheapest one we had to share the bathrooms but they were clean enough and it had a sitting room that we had to ourselves.

We spent the afternoon watching the sun set from the veranda and then watched a film on tv before bed.

Tuesday 20th August

We drove to Tamworth today famous for its country music festival. Lots of big stars have played here including Kieth urban if you haven’t heard of him you may of heard of his spouse someone called Nicole Kidman. It’s a city based at the foot of the mountains and has a really nice feel about the place. With lots of statues around proud of its country music vibe. It also is the home of the country music hall of fame.

On the way to Tamworth we passed through little towns called Coolah where I brought a cardigan from a charity shop for $2 and quirindi for a coffee. The weather is still nice day time but again it’s going to be a chilly night.

Monday 19th August

Thoughts of home today it’s my parents birthday, I miss family but am having the trip of a life time. So happy birthday mum and dad hope you’re enjoying your day. Thinking of you x.

We didn’t drive very far today just to the town of Dubbo 60 miles south. When we got there we spent the day at the zoo. Mixed feelings about zoos it’s wrong to keep animals in captivity just to entertain us humans, but on the other hand they’ve got a good breeding program and are giving money back into conservation and education. A hot debate.

The zoo was very well maintained and the animal enclosures we large and not over crowded we enjoyed our visit despite the cold. Today was the coldest so far and the forecast for tonight is-1 should of brought my thermals.

Sunday 18th August

Last night we went to the hot baths at 9pm. It was a lovely dark sky, big moon and no clouds perfect for star gazing. How ever the baths were packed with old people sat around having a chat, so again we decided not to get in. Instead we drove out of town and star gazed in the middle of nowhere. We stayed until we got to cold neither of us had jumpers and it’s cold at night. On the way back to camp we spotted some kangaroos.

Not much to say about today most of it was spent in the car driving south. The landscape slowly changed from empty planes to more green spaces and trees.

We passed through several towns but being a Sunday not much was open. A cup of tea in walgett led to meeting a group of ladies who yet again took a shine to mike, I think they like bearded tattooed men here best keep my eye on him!

Onwards we looked for a campsite in coonamble but everything was shut so we would have nothing to eat tonight, so we carried on to gulargambone where a small spar shop was open all though not much left on the shelf. We managed to buy bread,tomato cheese, avocado, crisps and Coca Cola a feast. Alas the campsite was full.

We carry on to the next town gilgandra by this time mike has been driving about 200 miles and has had enough. It’s also close to getting dark and kangaroos start to wonder into the road so we decided to check into a motel. Safety checked in we ate our feast at a proper table, we no how to live the high life.

Saturday 17th August

We decided to stay in lightening ridge for another night. We spent the morning wondering around the various Opal gift shops and went down a Opal mine.the landscape is overtaking with dirt piles extracted from under ground it really is a barren.The afternoon was spent driving around the area looking at the makeshift homes the miners have made for themselves. I’m sure that very few have found their fortune.a interesting place to visit but harsh conditions to live permanently. This house was made out of beer cans. And I’m not sure I like some of the roads.Or even cope with the toilet.

Tonight after dark if we’re brave enough (if it’s not to busy, we chickened out yesterday ), we will visit the hot springs bath and star gaze, the skies are awesome, But it still is very cold at night the water is supposed to be a constant 40 degrees and it’s open 24/7 and free let’s hope tonight we are the only ones there late.

Friday 16th August

Another sunny day in paradise. We’re inland and don’t have the luxury of a sea breeze but it’s lovely not getting to hot.

We drove to lighting ridge calling in on dirranbandi and Hebel on the way both small out back towns.

Dirranbandi an old railway town used to transfer cattle across country, now more of a tourist town filled with people and provided a welcome coffee break. Then the road to Hebel passed cotton fields and just a long road sat nav told us to head south for 100 miles and yes there was nothing in between but we did spot some emus

Hebel a tiny town a stagecoach rest it’s all corrugated still buildings with a interesting pub furnished with reclaimed materials apparently it hasn’t changed for over 100 years we were talking to the new land lady and she said that they wouldn’t change anything but was in the process of giving it a good clean.

Lighting ridge for the night. a bigger town surrounded by Opel mines. we are thinking about staying here 2 nights and taking a tour of a mine tomorrow. it’s full of little Opel shops and has a hot spring and we are in no hurry.

Thursday 15th August

Another 200 miles heading south today. We broke the journey up by stopping in small town Roma. Here they have planted lots of bottle trees in honour of lost soldiers. They make a lovely also has a old tree in town that we stopped to admire.

Before we moved on to tonight’s camp in St George. Stopping briefly at a road side rest spot to stretch out our legs. In land we have the roads to ourselves apart from the odd truck.our walk today was into town and back. The campsite had a happy hour where everyone sat around a fire listening to a guy sing along to the acoustic guitar, but we were the youngest there and the songs he was singing was way before our time so we decided to give it a miss. Anyway we’ve not had internet for a while so I needed to catch up.

Wednesday 14th August

We have gone north as far as we want to on this road trip. So today we started to head south. We followed the highway up so now we’re going to move inland south. What’s the point of revisiting places when there is so much more to see. But 1st a walk along a route recommended by Tracy.

We drove around 200 miles and found a campsite in a town called taroon beside a river, so tent up we followed the river walk into town to buy some supplies for dinner.

Along the way we chatted to some elderly ladies walking dogs who fell in love with mike and offered him somewhere to stay, I guess I’ll just get dinner for one then!

Back to the camp kitchen we had our meal. That’s another thing Australia does better than America every campsite has a outside kitchen with fridge, kettle, sink and b b q some even have microwaves and stoves. Every campsite so far has been clean and all have been around £10 a night. Shame it gets dark at 6 and the mozzys are around. So early night with my kindle.

Tuesday 13th August

Tea and cereal breakfast to follow a lovely nights sleep, unfortunately today we have to say our good byes. It’s been lovely staying here Anne and John our lovely. They are going to England for a visit in October and our planning to meet up with dad,hopefully they can report back all good about meeting mike and I!.goodbyes over we head north to seventeen seventy the place where captain cook first landed. So another beach walk and tea stop.

Tonight we are lucky enough to have another nights accommodation provided by instagram friends. Tracy and Stephen the internet is brilliant complete strangers offering places to stay for free. We’ve been instagram friends over a year following their cycle tours with their dog rocket. It’s great to meet up with them.

We had a brilliant evening chatting about cycle touring and traveling with a dog. both mike and I would dearly love a dog so we had lots of questions. Wine and home cooked food went down to well and the night was finished off for me with a face mask as Tracy is a beauty therapist.

Monday 12th August

A lovely warm comfortable night in a bed luxury, it gets cold at night here so it was so nice sleeping in a house. We helped ourselves to tea and toast. Perfect start to the day. Anne and John offered to take us out for lunch, buy a fresh pie and eat it on the beach followed by a walk sounded perfect.

We spent the morning relaxing and booked our flights to New Zealand. Mike is loving the pies another thing that you can’t get in America. Apparently there is over three thousand different pies. He had a chicken and pineapple one.

Another beach walk loving this life style I can see why the Brit’s choose to move here. Then home where Mike and John went out in Johns e type jag.

More drinks and a home cooked curry finished off the day nicely.