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Tuesday 16th July

Today we were faced with a decision, did we cycle 50 miles on the interstate or did we cycle a extra 30 miles ontop to do the national park which was a lovely route through the petrified forest. It was a hard decision to make but in this desert heat a 80 mile ride was out of the question. It’s a shame but we had to opt for the interstate.

We were still treated to views across the painted desert Called that referring to the different colours of sand you can see in the flat top hills. The interstate wasn’t to busy the truck drivers gave us plenty of room.

It was still a hard tiring long hot day but worth it. We had booked ahead a stay in the wigwam motel. A must for any one traveling Route 66. Ok it’s basic and looking a little run down. I had the best nights sleep in the handmade bed, all the furniture in the room was also handmade by the owner. We stayed in a 28ft concrete tepee surprisingly big inside with a small clean shower room, tv and air conditioned. I loved it. I heard somewhere that Oprah Winfrey was going to stay there and backed out because it was too basic her loss.

On arrival we were chatting to a guy waiting to check in. He is traveling across America staying in 50 different independent motels and writing a book about the experience the book will be out later in the year. Sleeping around in America by Andrew Beattie. He is also a journalist writing for travel magazines.

Time to check in there’s no laundry here so Paul the owner let me use his own machine what a star.

Monday 15th July

Lessons learned. Never underestimate the environment.

Yesterday we studied the map, found a hotel 50 miles away and booked it. There wasn’t anything nearer, but we were happy with that as it looked down hill all day. Also as we cross the state border leaving New Mexico and entering Arizona. We have to put our clocks back. No point getting to the hotel before check in.

So we had a leisurely morning, and breakfast enjoying not to be leaving in the dark a welcome change. Almost straightaway we realised we made a mistake. Arizona is the hottest place in America and even though we have dropped over 1000ft today it wasn’t a nice down hill that we expected. It’s a bit lumpy.

At least we have plenty of services on Route today. We are back following the interstate 40. Most of them are Indian jewellery trading posts.

At one stop we started talking to a lovely man who pulled in the same time as us on his motorcycle. The normal chat. Where did we start, how far are we going, where are we from etc. He’d said that he’d been to England to Goodwood to show his car. Mike recognised the car straight away Hemi under glass. I’m not familiar with drag racing but apparently he is famous, a big deal. Mike was over the moon. He was Bob Riggle. They chatted for ages, Mike got his autograph I wondered off looking at the Indian jewellery.

What with all our stops and chats to lots of people, fighting the heat and terrain we rolled into the hotel car park 10 hours after starting in the morning. Both of us hot and tired. but still loving life.