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Sunday 14th July

Forget about 1st light, we left in the early hours it was still dark. We packed away our tent by mikes mobile phone torch, normally we can see by moonlight but there didn’t seem to be any very Erie.

It’s funny when you cycle so early you spend your time trying to outrun the dogs or avoid the snakes that venture out onto the tarmac to warm up.

We started so early today because we had 65 miles to do with a 9 mile climb 40 miles in. There was no way I was going to attempt that in the midday sun.

Not much going on today we passed a town claiming to be the home of the mustang but it’s early Sunday morning nothing was open.

Made it into Gallup just gone midday. Gallup is a big city so we have opted for a motel a afternoon of veggin out tv and aircon. Can’t believe we are starting a new state tomorrow it’s going so fast.

Saturday 13th July

You gotta love the morning light on the early starts, it’s beautiful riding early in the morning. Today we had the choice of riding 65 miles on the interstate nonstop as there was nothing in between and get to Gallup tonight. Or do a 100 mile detour down the ancient way that had camping midway.

The ancient way one, it’s not fun on the interstate just necessary sometimes. We were treated to gorgeous views and long sweeping descents although we had to climb back up again.

We crossed the continental divide a ridge of mountainous ground that runs north to south separating the eastward flowing streams from the westward flowing streams. Not far from crossing the divide lay our campsite and a cafe for our evening meal.