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Friday 16th August

Another sunny day in paradise. We’re inland and don’t have the luxury of a sea breeze but it’s lovely not getting to hot.

We drove to lighting ridge calling in on dirranbandi and Hebel on the way both small out back towns.

Dirranbandi an old railway town used to transfer cattle across country, now more of a tourist town filled with people and caravans.it provided a welcome coffee break. Then the road to Hebel passed cotton fields and just a long road sat nav told us to head south for 100 miles and yes there was nothing in between but we did spot some emus

Hebel a tiny town a stagecoach rest it’s all corrugated still buildings with a interesting pub furnished with reclaimed materials apparently it hasn’t changed for over 100 years we were talking to the new land lady and she said that they wouldn’t change anything but was in the process of giving it a good clean.

Lighting ridge for the night. a bigger town surrounded by Opel mines. we are thinking about staying here 2 nights and taking a tour of a mine tomorrow. it’s full of little Opel shops and has a hot spring and we are in no hurry.

Thursday 15th August

Another 200 miles heading south today. We broke the journey up by stopping in small town Roma. Here they have planted lots of bottle trees in honour of lost soldiers. They make a lovely avenue.it also has a old tree in town that we stopped to admire.

Before we moved on to tonight’s camp in St George. Stopping briefly at a road side rest spot to stretch out our legs. In land we have the roads to ourselves apart from the odd truck.our walk today was into town and back. The campsite had a happy hour where everyone sat around a fire listening to a guy sing along to the acoustic guitar, but we were the youngest there and the songs he was singing was way before our time so we decided to give it a miss. Anyway we’ve not had internet for a while so I needed to catch up.

Wednesday 14th August

We have gone north as far as we want to on this road trip. So today we started to head south. We followed the highway up so now we’re going to move inland south. What’s the point of revisiting places when there is so much more to see. But 1st a walk along a route recommended by Tracy.

We drove around 200 miles and found a campsite in a town called taroon beside a river, so tent up we followed the river walk into town to buy some supplies for dinner.

Along the way we chatted to some elderly ladies walking dogs who fell in love with mike and offered him somewhere to stay, I guess I’ll just get dinner for one then!

Back to the camp kitchen we had our meal. That’s another thing Australia does better than America every campsite has a outside kitchen with fridge, kettle, sink and b b q some even have microwaves and stoves. Every campsite so far has been clean and all have been around £10 a night. Shame it gets dark at 6 and the mozzys are around. So early night with my kindle.