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Tuesday 30th July

I woke up to the strangest thing, I was cold! I had to climb into my sleeping bag I looked at mike asleep next to me and he was already in he’s wow, it’s been over a month that the temperature has been that cold. We’ve been sleeping on them.

Also bird song I didn’t realise until I heard it then that I haven’t heard birds or the dawn chorus in ages just buzzing insects. I can see trees through the window my heart is singing.

We go into San Francisco and look around a really nice city it must have been a fishing town and I remarked to Mike that it reminded me of Brixton he wasn’t impressed. I think it’s the seagulls watching the tourist eat.

Touristy things done ✅ we returned back to camp, tomorrow we will head back to l A and get the bikes packed up ready for the flight to Australia.

Monday 29th July

We had to return the truck today. We’ve decided that nether of us are enjoying the heat and I know for a fact that I’m not coping with it. I am always the first to moan that it’s to hot in our little English summers. I like winter! I’m missing rain, snuggly blankets and drinking alcohol without already being dehydrated.

So it’s time to go somewhere cooler. We are in 120 degrees we look where we can realistically drive to in a day that’s cooler. San Francisco is a mere 70degress and only just over 400 miles in a car that’s nothing decision made.

There’s a hertz car hire place right next to where we have to take the truck so at 9 am we switch the truck for a s u v and head to San Francisco. It felt so good leaving the desert behind and watching the temperature gage go down.

Nothingness turned to Joshua trees then to fruit trees, almonds and grass actual green grass. The flatness started to change to rolling hills and mountains my spirit was lifted.

We pulled into the k OA just after 8pm it’s the busiest one so far and they have no tent pitches left so we have the luxury of a cabin for the next two nights. Tomorrow sightseeing.