Tuesday 30th July

I woke up to the strangest thing, I was cold! I had to climb into my sleeping bag I looked at mike asleep next to me and he was already in he’s wow, it’s been over a month that the temperature has been that cold. We’ve been sleeping on them.

Also bird song I didn’t realise until I heard it then that I haven’t heard birds or the dawn chorus in ages just buzzing insects. I can see trees through the window my heart is singing.

We go into San Francisco and look around a really nice city it must have been a fishing town and I remarked to Mike that it reminded me of Brixton he wasn’t impressed. I think it’s the seagulls watching the tourist eat.

Touristy things done ✅ we returned back to camp, tomorrow we will head back to l A and get the bikes packed up ready for the flight to Australia.

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