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17th-30th November

After a few days staying at Jeff’s we headed off to explore the coast heading south. Jeff very kindly lent us his landy and some camping table and chairs. Road trip time.

We followed the old coast road to Busselton where we spent a couple of days just relaxing, looking around the pretty seaside town and walking the jetty. The jetty is a very long one a nice spot to watch the sun set and see what the many fishermen catch. It’s also a great spot to watch the migrating whales.

After leaving Busselton we carried on south to Margaret River, we love it there a laid back town close to the sea and surrounded by vineyards. Our campsite was right on the river bank and we could walk into town following a river side trail. we stayed here for a week just going on walks and having day trips out. We visited a chocolate factory and tried out the free samples they were delicious. We visited a brewery I tried the free samples shame mike was driving I had to have his to!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I also got to sample some local wine from a organic winery mike likes driving ๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸทI’m only to glad to be the official taster. There’s also lots of caves open to public here one was called jewel cave so of course the Jewell’s had to go there

Add some friendly birds to feed,a river swim and a morning of kayaking we had a great time before heading back up to Jeff ‘s.

Monday 11th November and Tuesday 12th November

We have managed to book a flight for tomorrow 8pm, so today we spent the day washing clothes,packing and boxing up the bikes. We booked another night at the ibis and payed for a late checkout that gives us until midday then a taxi to the airport nice and early good plan.

The bikes fitted into the boxes nice and snug mikes getting a expert in this. To fly as luggage they have to be in a standard size bike box, tires deflated and weighing less than 25kgs that bit is always the struggle our bikes are big and heavy and we always end up paying at the airport for the weight oh well nothing we can do about that.

Tuesday we are flying to Perth. Mike has a friend that lives in Perth. Jeff, Mike met Jeff back in 2005 on a motorbike trip and has stayed in touch but I haven’t met him and neither of us has met his wife Kerry, that said they are very kindly opening up there home and letting us stay for as long as we want.

We check in at Melbourne airport my bike was ok but we had to pay for mikes let’s just hope that they get to Perth in one piece.

And we’re off a easy flight and by the time we ate our airplane food and watched a movie the 4hrs passed quickly what with Perth being 3hours behind Melbourne it was time travel. Arriving 1 hour after we left.

Both airports are so easy to navigate and when we were at luggage collection Jeff came and found us, he only lives 15 minutes away from the airport and before we new it we were at his home meeting Kerry and his toddler Mahale a cheeky bright little girl.

Our room is in a annex off the garage a beautiful room with en-suite we will be very comfortable here.๐Ÿ˜ƒ