Thursday 23rd May

We had a comfortable nights sleep in the motel, and managed to get the washing done in their launderette. Food was basic from the nearby petrol station but that was fine.

Time to pack up and go. Opened the front door to a storm, thunder lightning and rain great! It was early so we decided to wait it out.

The good thing about motels is that they have television, settled back down and watched Good morning Vietnam.

Right film finished and the sun is out off we go. Our breakfast break was 5 miles in and yes we had omelette and home fries no need to change.

We followed our cycle route on the map to get through Cleveland it’s a big busy city but the map took us through parks and quiet roads. Past the rock and roll hall of fame and mostly following the coast.

We had a warm showers host for tonight 40 miles today. It turned out to be a hot day with the wind against us again but we made it. Our host is welcoming and our room is lovely.

We spend a pleasant evening talking to Scott our host and his family. And ate a tasty meal that they cooked for us.

In the morning Scott leaves early for work before we get up, but his wife cooked us a breakfast and wished us a safe journey.

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