Tuesday 14th May

We had a comfortable night under the pavilion but for the fact of needing to go pee after all those beers! Packed up and headed to the nearest diner for breakfast about 5 miles. The usual omelette and home fries with toast but this time they added onion to the fries nothing like variety. The locals last night had told us about the 4 churches on the 4 corners of a cross roads the only place in America to have this apparently.

We were going that way anyway so promised to have a look unfortunately we couldn’t get a photo with all four in.

The days total mileage was 52 winding along the Canal path and hoping onto the road every so often when the path was to muddy

After we had completed our total days mileage we headed to a McDonald’s for a internet connection. We were 60 miles away from the Canadian border at niagara and there’s a travel lodge just over the border for £30 a night cheaper than campsites this side, so we decided to go there tomorrow. Just need to complete our online visas

Application completed time to find somewhere to put up our tent for the night. A old boy in McDonald’s started talking to us about our journey so we asked him for ideas. He told us about a park about 2miles away with pavilions in it and gave us directions. It was on our route so thanked him and set off.

We are the king and queen of pavilion camping! Tent up all snuggled in at 8:45 pm when a voice out side the tent told us we had to move the park was closed it wasn’t a campground and we had to go. We explained that we cannot find a campground and asked if he knew where there was one, he didn’t but we couldn’t stay there. We asked where were we supposed to go at this time of night and we had already cycled 50 miles, please can we stay here we’d be gone at 6am. He protested again and said we had to go and he had to lock the park gates. Ok but it will take us 30-40 minutes to pack away. This worked I guess he didn’t want to wait that long to go home, but he protested that we’d be locked in and that he’d be back at 6am we better be ready to go then. No problem we thanked him and settled back down. He left.

About 15 minutes later a car pulls up next to the tent, great he’s ether changed his mind or called for reinforcements. Same voice outside the tent. Hello I forget to say the building is alarmed and has motion sensors if you set it off the police will come. Great so now we’re to scared to move all night! He leaves.

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