Tuesday 25th June

A restless night for mike, he has come down with a head cold and spent the night too congested to sleep. No worries only a short 36 miles today, we’re just take it easy.

We stopped in the rock cafe in Stroud, made famous for being featured in the Disney film cars the ultimate ride. We already had met the actual pick up truck tow mater back in Kansas. I’ve not seen the film but now there’s a lot of road side attractions stating as seen in cars.

The food was good and they were vegetarian friendly. Even had a vegan burger on offer.

Mike was feeling better after his burger cooked on the oven grill fondly known as Betsy the original oven and surviver off a devastating fire.

Shortly After leaving the cafe we had our first puncture. Not bad in over 2200 miles. Mikes front wheel had picked up some metal banding from a broken tire. A quick inner tube change and we were on our way.

Davenport was next. This had some original brick road left and some historic wall art. A quick look before heading to the RV campsite our home for tonight, just short of Chandler.

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