Tuesday 28th May

After a very poor breakfast in the motel, stale bran flakes and long life orange juice. We set out. We had a warm showers host for the night 35 miles away. It was windy and dry yes the wind was against us. I know we’re going the wrong way!

We had another state line crossing we are now in Indiana although there was no sign to inform us.

It was a struggle today hills and heat and a head wind but we rolled into meet our host at the bike shop that he owned at 3:30pm not a bad time.

We introduced ourselves to Joe our host and as he had a bike shop we brought some bits that we need. Chain oil and as I was still having problems with my saddle moving a new seat post for my bike. Hopefully I will be more comfortable from now on.

Joe and his wife didn’t finish work till 5 but very trustingly let us go to their house 3 doors down and make ourselves comfortable. So we used their washing machine with permission and relaxed watching TV drinking a beer Joe gave us until they come home.

In the evening they took us out for a meal in the local restaurant it turned out that they owned that too, they also have a yoga studio, Libby his wife is a instructor she invited us to do a class, we declined. And a boutique shop that Libby ran with her mum. Joe is also running for Mayor and competes in Ironman competitions I don’t know where they get the time and energy. Busy life’s and we’re grateful that they can find the time to host. We had a lovely room and the bed had a remote control mattress to change it’s firmness. Luxurious.

After a lovely meal and evening we bid them goodnight. When we asked what time we needed to be out by, they said no hurry. They were going early and to help our selves to breakfast and let ourselves out. People are really trusting over here so far.

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