1st day cycling

We started off good but stressing about getting through a big city, The weather was cold and rain had been forecast but never mind it’s all part of the experience. Boston was surprisingly easy and car drivers were given us loads of space. We had picked out a route that after 12 miles we would be able to join a disused railway cycle trail. 12 miles in and coffee stop the trail starts

We chatted to a couple of guys at the coffee shop and one of them rode with us for about 10 miles along the trail, when he left us the rain started

We still had 15 miles to go cold and wet.

Plodding on to our campsite regardless. We made it. It’s $50 to put a tent up in the cold rain or for an extra $17 we can have a heated log cabin.

The cabin it is after 40 long cold wet hilly miles we didn’t feel like a cold wet night too. After a quick shower, we headed out for dinner and a beer at the sports bar opposite the campground.

Where we met Martin Robinson who very kindly paid our bill, thank you. Now home to bed.

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