May 4th

After a cosy night in our cabin it was time to pack up and go. The friendly lady in the office said take you time, but I don’t think she would of liked it if I took the 4 months which I was debating in my head as it’s still cold and wet! As it rained heavily all night.

So bikes packed and ready to go we have breakfast at the petrol station at the end of the campground road. Bagels and coffee.

All we had to do was follow the 2a all day for the next campground. Good old google maps tells us 30 miles and flat 3 hours it says. That will do us.

All I can say is google maps your a liar!

Checking the map, we must be nearly there! The weather hasn’t been kind its warmer but still showers. Onwards we push up very steep hills and back down only to climb another one flat google maps I think not.

After about 30 miles I’m climbing slowly in my granny ring another hill, only to see a dog running straight at me teeth showing and not at all friendly, I’m going to slow to get away from him and he managed to get a hold of my foot,he was locked on good and proper pulling at me almost getting me off my bike. All I could think of was if I come off I’ve got no chance. So I shouted and ripped my foot from his clutch and with the adrenaline I cycled away. I’m ok but have bruises on my foot no broken skin. I’ve heard that it a common thing dog attack’s on cyclist but you always hope that it never happens to you. Mike Was unawares of what happened as he was slightly ahead up the hill. He was waiting for me at the top so I held it all together until he saw me then I had to let it all out and started crying on the road side. A drink of water, some sweets all is well again. Off we go!

Total mileage today was just over 40. We have set up camp in another expensive campground it’s not worth the money so run down but I didn’t want to push on any further today.I’m now snuggled in my tent and definitely ready for sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

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