Day: May 14, 2019

Monday 13th 2019

Another wet start to the day,breakfast at the nearest diner was cheese omelette home fries and toast,after a good fuel up we hit the road ,47 wet miles we pulled into a campground we had earmarked,only to find it inches deep in mud,so no go there.pushing on we looked on google to find a small motel up the road ,reaching it found that to be closed. Pushing on again mike spotted a VFW (veterans of foreign wars ) building with a tank outside,next to it was a large pavilion,Mike went in to ask if ok to camp up there overnight ,the said no problem,then told us to come back in for a beer

Tent all up and changed out of our wet clothing we headed in to the bar,the people in there were intrigued to hear our story,they filled us up on free pizza and beer ,loving the America hospitality.

Monday 13th May

We managed to put up the tent last night in a pavilion so had a dry night. Packed it away in the morning and cycled in the rain to the nearest diner for breakfast. Cheese omelette, home fries (part boiled then fried potatoes) and toast. We seem to be living off this at the moment. It sets us up for another long cold wet cycle ride. We pull into a petrol station just missing Ervin pulling out. He never saw us I guess he is doing similar distances to us.

After a quick coffee break we get going the weather still not being kind. We do in total today 47miles keeping a look out for some shelter for the night. Luckily we spot a ” veteran of foreign wars” building with a large pavilion in its grounds. We go over to investigate and find that it has a bar in the building it’s open, so we go in and ask if it’s ok to put up our tent under it. No problem. So tent up, change into dry cloths and go for a beer in a warm bar.

In the warm bar there are 5 people and a barman we order 2 draft beers and then the locals start to quiz. We tell our tell and that’s it free beer and free pizza bonus so far people are so friendly.