Day: May 27, 2019

Monday 27th May

We both slept well despite storms all night. The pavilion kept us dry and sheltered.

Back on track to stick to 40 miles a day. We check google maps for tonight’s destination and there’s a town called Brian in the right direction and miles. We look to see if there’s a campsite there is but it’s $40. A bit stiff but we need a shower!

We go on and find a motel in town for $44. We book it.

Again good weather, flat roads easy going. The easiest so far just over the 40 miles we roll into the motel 2:30 pm. A nice relaxing end to a good day.

Sunday 26th May

Wake up in our motel room to a drizzly day, the temperature is cooler after the storm but not cold. We need to get going despite the rain as we have yesterday’s mileage to make up today.

The roads are good and it soon brightened up it’s easy going.

We had empty roads and good weather so managed to do 55 miles easy. We camped in a RV camp for free under a pavilion with the owners permission. We had no shower facilities and the toilet was a portaloo. It did us we carry baby wipes!

Saturday 25th May

A really hot windy day today. Both mike and I were struggling. At one point I could only muster up a feeble 2 miles a hour. And then we met this cool old boy, he was in his front garden when we cycled buy. He asked us where we were headed and we told him about our trip. He commented on the heat and wind and offered us to come into his house for a cold drink.

We gratefully excepted and followed him into his kitchen. Over a cold 7up we chatted.

His name was shortly. He was a ex serviceman and truck driver his wife had passed away 7 years ago we could of talked to him all day but had to go.

It was getting hotter uncomfortably hot so after 5 or so more miles we stopped in a petrol station for more cold drinks and something to eat. The weather broke while we were there. A massive storm thunder,rain and lightning . we stayed in the garage until the rain subsided then made a move, we still had about 20 miles to do.

Carrying on the weather wasn’t improving a car pulled up next to me to warn me of more storms headed our way and we had better take cover. We both had had enough for the day 15 miles short but decided to book into the nearest motel.

What a place, it hadn’t been updated since the 50’s it had metal furniture A matching dressing table, chair and bedside cabinet. Made me think if it was cleaned up it would sell well in England. Cool but grubby.

We head out to find somewhere to eat and go to a big boy great value for money so will definitely use them again.

Back to our motel for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Today has been the toughest yet!