Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Been wild camping the last couple of nights so no internet sorry.

Friday we only cycled 20 miles. We woke up in our nice warm motel room,looked out of the window to see rain and lots of it. Breakfast was included so we took our time over that, making the most of the unlimited buffet and filled our pockets with some plastic wrapped boiled eggs and sachets of mayo good protein packed snack thank you. So forever concerned over budget we decided no matter what we had to wild camp tonight. We left check out to the very last minute 10:59 am (had to be out 11am). And cycled into the rain.

We had earmarked a spot on the Canal that looked like it had a pavilion and picnic tables so headed there hoping for the best.

Success the pavilion was there and it had drinking water nearby and the added bonus of electricity. Luxury should be in for a good night.

Food was pot noodle and added eggs from breakfast.

Saturday morning awoke to a fairly nice day, packed up camp and looked over to the other side of the Canal and spotted another camper. We recognised the bike/ trailer combo as Ervin the guy we had chatted to a few days earlier. We crossed over to him to say hi. He never pays for campsites or motels but wild camps all the time. Can’t blame him it’s expensive but sometimes it’s worth it to get warm and shower! He shared with us places along the route that you could camp up and gave us he’s phone number as he’s mum lives along our route and would be happy for us to stay. We bid him farewell and head on 35 miles to do today. More empty roads .

After we had put in the miles we started to look for a place to wild camp. We pulled into a shop car park and decided to ask inside if they knew any good camping spots and they very kindly said we could put our tent up in their backyard.

Another comfortable nights sleep apart from the sound of wild dogs howling in the early hours.

Sunday morning. Not wanting to out stay our welcome we leave early. First stop a diner for breakfast,toast and omelette. I feel guilty not saying goodbye but being a Sunday and Mother’s Day over here I didn’t want to disturb them. We had decided to go 50 miles today it was cold and wet and after 2 nights of wild camping we wanted showers.

We stuck to roads today as the cycle way would of been too wet. Heads down keep pushing on cold,wet and miserable. 52 miles on into a campsite $40 so dear but the shower was hot and there’s WiFi. Also a bar to sit and keep warm in, drinking free refills of coffee putting of putting up the tent in the rain.

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