Wednesday 8th Thursday 9th

Two long days of around 50 miles each.

So Wednesday we woke up to sunshine cool, the 1st job of the day was to buy breakfast and sun lotion in the petrol station next to the motel.

We then push on to pick up the Erie Canal cycle way in roughly 13 miles. We find it easy enough and start to enjoy traffic free cycling.

We had a warm showers host lined up so had to do 50 miles today but at least we could save some money we are spending way too much. Doing well we stop for lunch 20 miles in.

Freshly cooked egg,onion and green peppers in a toasted bun. Lunch break always gives mike the opportunity to study maps and stress more about progress or lack of it!

Back on route we now start to see lots of turtles basking in the sun shine. It is glorious and not to hot but I always burn easily so factor 50 for me.

Cycling along enjoying the sun we see a guy sat under a tree, he was cooking a pasta peanut butter kind of combo and had a loaded bike. So we stopped and chatted. He’s name was Ervin and he was cycling Nova Scotia to Oregon. He had cycled our route previously and assured us we would enjoy it. We left him to his lunch.

After a few miles the path came to a railway line blocking our way, nothing for it we had to cross but there didn’t seem to be a crossing point. Mike had to lift both bikes over the lines. Strange.

I need to make a comfort break, so whilst I am occupied in a portaloo that they provide along route, Mike checks his phone. We’ve done 45 miles out of the 50 so was slightly pithed that our host for the night had e mailed cancelling as he had a emergency. Damn not to worry it’s a nice evening so we call it a day and look for some where to pitch tent. On mile 47 we find a nice pick nick site right between the Mohawk River and Erie Canal with toilet facilities. That will do.

Morning a pretty good nights sleep but got really cold in the middle of the night.

We pack up and cycle on looking for somewhere to eat breakfast.

We find a diner and have cheese omelette the server was the guy who’s house we were supposed to stay with the night before so we chatted for a while and he was apologetic. He was pleased that we still had a good night and pointed us in the direction of the Canal managers office, suggesting that he could tell us where to find lock showers. The manager was super helpful and gave us many many hand outs and two pretty cool baseball caps that was meant to be for the staff. There was a free campground with showers on lock 18. So we decided to head there it’s only 30 odd miles and after yesterday we need a easier day.

More lovely traffic free roads with one small road block

Unfortunately the going isn’t that easy as we’ve run out of tarmac. But it’s pretty so on we plodded hopping for a better surface soon.

Slight detour to find snacks for lunch nothing much as breakfast was filling we check the map again. Our easy 30 miles has turned into a hard push!

Lock 18 yes finally. Bum big diggers and construction workers. They are improving the facilities for a grand re opening on the 17 th we can’t stay here. To top it all one of the workers tell us that there is a storm warning for the area and we should take cover over night. He points us in the direction of town and told us that we would find a cheep motel there. Into town we head a total of 50 miles today over 300 miles in.

The motel is one of the best we’ve stayed right next to a Denny’s so with food in our bellies and a decent roof over our heads we settle down.

This gives us free wi fi and a opportunity to go through the information giving to us by the Canal manager. Mike studies the route for tomorrow, checks the weather and decided that tomorrow will be 20 miles leaving later hoping that the storm will pass.

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