Tuesday 7th May

A day of two half’s. this morning started of great, the sun was shining and we managed to get a good speed going. We met a really cool older guy who had cycled the trans America coast to coast back in the eighties. Could of spoke to him all day. Pushing on passing over a state line into Vermont still with good roads.we also pass into the state of New York.we finally felt that we were getting somewhere and stopped for our lunch on a high.

Straight after lunch we took a turn of the main road that good old google maps sent us, well that was a mistake we should have stayed on the main road traffic was light and terrain was good. So on our new road yep traffic free but it was hilly and it added about 2hours to our journey.

On the plus side stopping to get my breath after panting up hill I saw a chipmunk he was to quick to get his photo but awesome! We rejoin the main road but by now we are both drained the traffic is heavier and it starts to rain.

Our gears have been playing up a bit and I’d had problems with my front break since mike had re assembled them so we pulled into a bike shop. The man very kindly sorted them for free.

We have completed 47 long hard miles today and got cold and wet. Again there is no where to camp so more money spent on a motel. Tomorrow we should pick up the Erie Canal bike route. 250 traffic free miles to Niagara Falls and hopefully a warm shower host. ( not planning to do all 250 miles in one go!).

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