Monday 6th May

The sun was shining. We finished off leftovers from last night, packed up camp and left in good spirits.

We did 37 miles and about 20 of them must have been up hill, it was hard going I walked /crawled my sorry arse up, sometimes I actually managed to cycle but it was tough.

Halfway up we met @pedalingwanderlust a guy coming down the opposite way the 1st cycle touring guy on the trip so far a really cool guy. We chatted a while he warned us that the worst bit was still to come and gave us a energy bar stating that we would need it, I did!

We finally made it to the summit and stopped at a cafe for much needed refreshments.

And they catered for vegetarians I had a avocado spinach sandwich lovely and fresh.

We chatted to locals in there for a while.whom were totally in ore with what we were doing. We feel like we are treated like celebrities. The crazy English couple.

After our break we only had 8 more miles to go. All campsites are closed it’s to early in the season, apparently there was still snow here last week so we are staying in a motel tonight.

A welcome sign 4 miles out of our 8 remaining all down, just hope that tomorrow we don’t have to climb them back up.

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