Saturday 18th May

Back on the road. We left the hotel early and was over rainbow bridge before 7:30 am . We weren’t looking forward to today’s ride as we had to go through 2 cities, would of been so much nicer in Canada. Oh well just have to get on with it. It was a long day following the bike route. It was full of dead ends and detours, or in some places dug up with no alternative route suggestions. It manly followed the river Erie and was quite industrial.

We did 55 miles and rode into the campground at 4pm. There was no one in the office and the notice on the door stated that office open times were 8-3. Ridiculous who pulls into a camp site before 3pm! Anyway people were camping so the showers and toilets were all open we found a dryish pitch and set up camp. It’s not are fault there’s no one to pay.

We sat eating dinner, just cheese sandwiches and a bag of crisps, when a man come over for a chat. He’s name was Norman and was interested in our cycle ride so invited us over to his pitch later for some beer and sit around the fire. We thanked him and explained that we would have to come empty handed, not a problem see you in a hour.

Showered and a short walk to stretch our legs we end up at norms. He’s already drunk and his mrs has gone to bed, they’ve been drinking all day. He wakes up Mary and lights the fire, we fill awkward but he hands us a beer each and insists that we sit down. He carries on drinking heavily and Mary finally comes out of their camper. She starts to drink again. They were friendly enough and fire was good, Mike and I had 2 beers each but the conversation was getting repetitive. They were drinking heavily and kept forgetting what was said. At this point Norm couldn’t stand up. He told us about his life, it’s not been easy for him. His 1st wife died of cancer after 31 years of marriage. He’s family don’t approve of Mary his 2nd wife because it’s to soon. His 27 year old daughter is a heroine addict that still lives with them but is always in trouble stealing.

Mary’s life wasn’t that much happier. 2 failed marriages and 3 kids. We thanked them for the beer wished them all the best and left. I truly do hope that their life turns around for them.

In the morning packed up early and left without paying.

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