Sunday 19th May

Camp site left nice and early we found a diner 5 miles away for our usual breakfast.

We have another campsite ear marked 45 miles away the weather is hot. Lots of factor 50 today.

A day of heat, hills and headwind. What a day, both Mike and I were suffering. We followed the coast of Lake Erie. Nothing really on the road, we grabbed a snack bar from the one and only petrol station and was getting concerned that we were running out of drinking water and had nothing for food tonight. We were 10 miles away from the campsite but it had taken a hour to do the previous 5 miles against the wind. A couple of times the wind was so strong I just couldn’t cycle against it and come to a complete standstill. It was also over 88 degrees. Hard work.

A car in the opposite direction gave us a friendly beep we both waved back. A few seconds later the same car had turned around and came back to us. He pulled next to us and asked us where are we headed, we told him we were going to the next campsite 5 miles up the road. He introduced him self another Mike and said he was a warm showers host. We could stay with him if we want it’s just 100 yards back. We would love to we have definitely had enough for the day.

Mike introduces us to his wife Amy and son Jacob. They make us very welcome, we have a comfortable bed for the night. A en-suite and have had a lovely meal cooked for us. We can stay as long as we like and breakfast has been promised.

Sorry no photos today, to busy fighting with the sun and wind.

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