Thursday 5th September

Today we drive the Milford road 75 miles of fiordlands spectacular landscapes. It has world heritage highway status. It has lush lake side forest, rugged mountains, alpine rivers and waterfalls. It takes 2.5 hours to drive if you don’t stop, but how could you not stop with the views it treats you to every second you just have to take a photo.

It has many stops along the way where you can go off on walks to stretch your legs from 5 minutes to 8 hours, some easy and others more challenging. The area is also rich in rare wild life, no dogs are aloud in the park and no wild camping either. So tonight we have to folk out for the most expensive campsite yet in New Zealand. it’s the only one in Milford so basically they can charge pretty much what they like. Saying that it is a well equipped site and clean. However the camp kitchen was small and to busy, no wi fi as it’s so remote and no t v. Mikes also run out of data not sure he will make it through the night.

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