Tuesday 6th August

We have landed in Sydney on Tuesday morning it’s 7:30am we didn’t have Monday with the time difference and a 15 hour flight, anyway I don’t like Mondays tell me why I don’t like Mondays I want to fly the whole day down….

First things first get out of the airport. We cleared customs straight away even jumped the long que because of our oversized boxes. The best thing to do is hire a car for a few days to get sorted rebuild bikes buy maps etc.

It’s winter here and to be honest the temperature is lovely it’s like a early summers day in England, we’re a bit worried that the campsites might not be open but it’s a adventure we will have to wait and see.

Car hired we drive to one of Mikes friends house 30 miles from the airport, Kate. Kate has kindly offered to store our bikes in her pool plant room for a while. She doesn’t use the pool in the winter so can stay in there for a while if we want.

We decided to leave the bikes there and do a drive road trip up the coast using the highway Pacific A1. That way we can get a feel for Australia, check out campsites etc as we certainly got Court out with the poor standard and expense in the USA.

We head north and drove about 200 miles before the fatigue set in. Not much sleep on the plane. We had arrived at a place called Coffs Harbour. A really nice seaside town. Following the directions to the tourist information centre.

She directed us to a campsite and re assured us that it would be open and tents are aloud. Apparently sites stay open all year round, that’s good to know.

The campsite is beautiful right on the shore very clean facilities and cheap let’s hope there all like this.

Tent up we headed to town for food I really thought that I might struggle to find good vegetarian food but no I had a lovely falafel salad, so fresh and tasty I’m liking Australia. Back to the tent it gets dark here at 5:30 pm I have to remind myself it’s winter even if I’m only in shorts and t shirts so early to bed with my kindle we need sleep anyway. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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