Wednesday 10th July

After our unplanned part day off yesterday, we decided to have a easy day today. Albuquerque is a big city the biggest in New Mexico. Today we would just cycle from the campsite one end to a RV site the other side. 13 miles mostly down hill apart from a small incline right at the end.

We emailed the RV site in advance to make sure that they have showers and space for a tent. We’ve had problems before, darn they replied that they had problems with gofers so we couldn’t stay no other explanation. Oh well cheap motel and hope that it is clean.

Late start even though the sun rudely woke me ridiculously early, hard to shut curtains on a white tent. We didn’t have to be out of our campsite until noon.

Leaving our tent up and bikes safety in the campsite we wondered around the area on the hunt for breakfast and settled on the Waffle House that we had breakfast in yesterday.

Back to site and pack, we start to cycle at just gone 11am and gosh it’s hot. So glad we’re not going far.

Stopping to look around antique shops and the old town, chatting to people interested in our journey we check in to the motel at 3 pm. It’s cheaper than last nights campsite and bonus it’s clean. If I’m being fussy it’s run down and stinks of cigarettes but beggars can’t be choosers it will do.

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