Thursday 11th July

Pushed some miles out today after our easy couple of days.

We left before 1st light, neither of us slept very well last night so it felt good to get some fresh air.

We were treated to some stunning scenery and even though the day started with a long climb it was a fairly easy ride. As were finding out a lot there’s long sections of not a lot in between.

After 55 miles of winding through the countryside we arrived to where our map had a campsite marked to find a car park beside a casino. This is where we are supposed to be sleeping. No tent space, no showers and no toilet great.

We talked to a couple of security guards at the casino. They were great guys and said we could use the casinos toilet and restaurant if we decided to stay. Call me spoiled but I looked around and didn’t feel comfortable or safe staying there after the casino closed and security went home.

Seth and Chris said they didn’t blame me and pointed us in the direction of the nearest hotel 6 miles on. Decision made what’s 6 more miles. The hotel is more expensive than we should be paying but at lest it’s clean and comfortable and safe. 6 less miles to do tomorrow so we even get a lay in.

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