Monday 7th October

What a day we just seem to be climbing one hill then straight up onto the next and I don’t mind admitting that I struggled. At one point I had to get off and push my bike it’s rare for me to do that but it’s only day 2 and I will soon get my strength and fitness back. And to be fair we are on the edge of mountain didthul. We also saw the first snake of the trip I was glad to see it was dead as I gingerly passed it. It was long thin and black yuk.

We only managed 35 miles today we both were feeling it but the weather was perfect and kind to us, unfortunately the rest of the week has been forecast to rain.

Tonight’s camp is in Ulladulla. A fishing village and it also has a vast array of marine invertebrate fossils found here. Local and international fossils can be seen in a display in Ulladulla’s oldest cottage circa 1850.

The campsite tonight is pretty much empty I guess the bank holiday weekend is over hopefully we won’t have to much trouble from now on finding somewhere.

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