Monday 30th September

We have to go to Wollongong today as our bikes are booked in for a well deserved service at a local bike shop. They are still in the boxes that we put them in for the flight from the USA. We haven’t even checked on them hopefully they’re fine.

We arrive at the shop just after it opened only to find that whoever we had spoke to to book them in hadn’t. Dame. The young staff didn’t really want to know and seemed a bit put out that we had turned up with two heavy bikes still in boxes that needed putting together as well as a service. We probably interrupted their time looking in a mirror and flicking their hair. Cuz that’s what they were doing when we walked in. Oh well boys time to do some work and earn that wage.

Bikes left with one lad who shrugged and said that they should be ready Friday we carried on driving south to a campsite at shell harbour.

We stayed in a small campsite right on the beach and spent the evening having a walk along the shore line. Back in our small tent we have no cooking facilities or any where to sit so tomorrow we will find a better equipped site. It’s school holidays and everywhere is busy and guess what the price goes up.

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