Saturday 20th July

Yesterday we arrived at the home of Julie, a lady we had never met but who’s parents very kindly offered us her granny annex to stay. We felt odd letting ourselves in but she was away hiking with her family and wouldn’t be home till later.

We had a lovely comfortable night so peaceful and with out the normal worries about wild life you have when camping. In the morning not to early we went around to introduce ourselves and thank her for our stay. Julie was as lovely as her parents. It wasn’t a problem at all the annex is currently unused she’s in the middle of setting it up as a air b&b it’s perfect.

We stayed another night so as we can have today off exploring flagstaff it’s only 2 miles from the old town full of shops and bars. Flagstaff is a lovely mountain town close to Grand Canyon worth a visit if you’re ever this way. And I can recommend a air b&b!

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